Materialized Self Image
Materialized Self-Image is a sculpture that navigates between the object and a series of videos. It was presented as an installation during the Arts Degree Show at the Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá-Colombia.
I have always been fascinated by the act of looking and being looked, all connections and relations built by these everyday encounters. Through the development of this project, I explored the way senses are crucial to the creation of images. The process questions the stages on the way we approach objects; how we recognise other people and the way we look at ourselves. From the connections I found in this act of looking; I developed the idea of identity, self-image and the way it is materialised. 

The sculpture represents my individual body, and the way people approached during the exhibition was a translation of the relations or steps during the recognising process of a person. First, people entered the room staring at the piece and recognising its materiality (it was a tower with four spheres made in white acrylic with interior light). Then people moved toward the piece, to look four videos through each of the fish eyes of the four spheres, exploring different dimensions of my individuality. From this approach, each person was able to build their personal idea of me and that impression changes according to the experience of every individual. My aim was to explore the idea of changing image, as it is building through the interactions with others. 
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