C o r p u s  C o r i u m

A collection of corporeal extensions, ornaments or prosthesis that becomes
part of the body as a hybrid anatomy, navigating through the transgression
of body traditional ideas.

Bulge Convex
This piece was designed from the idea of inborn volumes and those generated by postures adopted by the body.
Diseases, abnormalities, humps, bumps and deformities.
Epithelial Ripping

Inspired by Renaissance anatomy representations of unfolded muscles. It is a sensorial rediscovery of the body through the ripping off layers of dermis and epidermis. 

Tear Muscles, Ripping off, Dermis, Epidermis, 
Limbs Fusion

This piece was designed from the idea of melted limbs: ideas around malformations, mutations, amputations, seams and sutures, which change the body configuration. 
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